Rates & Services


Service Completion Time Cost
Same-day 6:00 PM $30.00 + mileage
Priority Immediately $40.00 + mileage


Service Completion Time Cost
Regular 2 hours $6.00
Rush 1 hours $10.00
Double Rush 30 Minutes $15.00
Super Rush 15 Minutes $18.00

Courthouse Filing Fee…$10.00

Downtown Service Area Map:


Additional Charges:
Mileage…$1.90/mile (1st 10 miles included in base rate)
Extra items to the same location…$1/piece
Waiting time…$.50/minute (After 10 minutes)

*Fuel Surcharge – depending on current fuel prices, a fuel surcharge of 1% – 4% may be added to each delivery.
CLICK NEXT TO SAVE by putting your delivery on one of our scheduled routes.


Because Asheville Courier has a fleet of vehicles going in all directions on scheduled routes Monday through Friday, we can take along on-demand jobs for a reduced rate. If your delivery requires we drive more than 10 miles from pick up to drop, consider getting it on one of our daily routes to save money. 


We offer discounted rates for daily scheduled deliveries. This prearranged, customized service provides a driver in the same place at the same time each business day for the same purpose depending on your specific needs. These deliveries can be set up through our logistics manager. Call our office at 828-277-5227 or email us at [email protected]

Examples include:

  • Morning mail delivery from a post office box
  • Afternoon mail pick up to the post office
  • Courthouse runs and filings
  • Daily inter-branch deliveries
  • Freight delivery
  • Daily delivery of supplies such as medical, marketing, office supplies
  • Daily pick up of samples for testing

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